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"There is No Greater Education than One that is Self-Driven."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Here at David Nisenboym, DDS we are big believers in the value of health education, and we share what we learn with our patients—so they can make the best possible choices for their oral and overall health. We post articles twice each month with topics ranging from the dental services we provide to the oral-systemic link to why we need baby teeth and throw some fun facts and helpful tips in for good measure. Enjoy our blog and feel free to let us know what you think of our posts!

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Alternative Text Posted July 13, 2021 / Blog, Dental Health
David Nisenboym, DDS

Updating Your Health History May Help Save Your Teeth

Although you may think of general health and dental health as two completely unrelated categories, they are much more connected than the average person suspects. Just as the information you share with your general practitioner assists them in keeping you healthy, your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. David Nisenboym, depends on your input for optimal dental… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted June 27, 2021 / Blog, Patient Care
David Nisenboym, DDS

Dental Friends with Benefits

At Blue Wave Dental, our goal is to make your dental visits as pleasant as possible. Part of this effort includes taking the complication out of utilizing your insurance benefits. Dr. David Nisenboym knows there can be confusing terms and stipulations in insurance plans that can be a barrier between you and the care you… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted June 13, 2021 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
David Nisenboym, DDS

Brushing Your Teeth – Are You Doing It Wrong?

Did you know that certain times of day might be better for brushing than others? While it’s always recommended to brush your teeth twice per day, and floss once per day, your timing is also important.  If you love your pearly whites and want to keep them around as long as possible (because face it,… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted May 27, 2021 / Blog
David Nisenboym, DDS

Did George Washington Really Have Wooden Teeth?

When he became the first president of the United States, George Washington had only one real tooth left! You heard right—just ONE. Everyone has heard something about this great man and his dental history, but if you heard that Washington had wooden teeth, then you heard wrong.  This myth is totally false—and Dr. David Nisenboym… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted May 24, 2021 / Blog, Patient Care
David Nisenboym, DDS

Mouthwash: More Harm Than Good?

At Blue Wave Dental, we know a lot of people feel they’re adding a layer of tooth decay and gum disease prevention to their oral hygiene routines when they swish with mouthwash—which may be true, but it depends on the mouthwash. If you floss and brush properly, mouthwash isn’t always necessary, and certain types could… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted April 27, 2021 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
David Nisenboym, DDS

Oral Health Tips at Every Age

A few things are equally important for your oral health, no matter what your age or stage of life. Good nutrition, brushing and flossing habits, visiting the dentist and a little fluoride are always (always) the essentials – you won’t ever hear us say otherwise.   However, your dental hygiene routine requires unique considerations for each… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted April 16, 2021 / Blog, Dental Health
David Nisenboym, DDS

What Happens in Your Mouth While You Sleep?

Ah, nighttime… the end of the day, the ceasing of work, and hopefully a good night’s sleep. But did you know things are still happening in your mouth all night long, even if you’re blissfully unaware of it? Dr. David Nisenboym, Walnut Creek dentist sheds some light on the world of your mouth and everything… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted March 27, 2021 / Blog, Dental Health, Patient Care
David Nisenboym, DDS

Senior Dentistry: Embrace Healthy Aging

Someone once said, “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” How true!  While it can be frustrating to watch your health change as you age, you don’t have to accept poor oral health and tooth loss as just an inevitable part of the aging process. Your oral health is just… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted March 13, 2021 / Blog, Dental Services
David Nisenboym, DDS

How Dental Sealants Keep Cavities at Bay!

If you are a parent, you probably know how difficult it is to get children to brush and floss regularly. On top of that, young children often lack the necessary motor skills to properly care for their teeth. At Blue Wave Dental, we want your whole family to have excellent dental health, so here’s some… (Read More)

Alternative Text Posted February 27, 2021 / Blog, Dental Services, Dental Technology
David Nisenboym, DDS

Do Whitening Strips Actually Work?

Whitening strips are among the most popular health and beauty products in Walnut Creek. Brightening up your pearly whites is a great way to give your smile a boost, and with all the over-the-counter options, there’s no reason not to pick one up and try it out. Dr. David Nisenboym wants you to be informed about… (Read More)

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